Potential Data Science Use Cases

Will focus on business and professional development within the enterprise but also explore the use of data science in society, at large. One of the benefits of international discussion is to explore ways data is managed, such as through lens of GDPR, quality of life or building the resilient community. How we measure value and progress to solving local and global challenges can help us re-energize to doing what we do, and why we do it.

We are taking corporate, startup and individual expert nominations now.

Sessions should be workshop format (30 to 40 minutes) or a testimonial (5 minutes).

In addition to the usual SaaS, AI and data science business use cases, we will dedicate portion of the program to Social KPIs and use cases ranging from:

Artistic and Cultural Vibrancy
Artificial Intelligence for quality of life
Average Physical Fitness and Mental Health
Childhood Success Rates
Civic Engagement
Community Integrity and Social Capital
Deaths of Despair / Despair Index / Substance Abuse
Design and Aesthetics
Dynamism and Mobility
Economic Competitiveness and Growth
Efficient Use of Resources
Environmental Quality
Global Temperature Variance and Sea Levels
Health-adjusted life expectancy
Human Capital Development and Access to Education
Infant mortality
Information Integrity / Journalism
Levels of engagement with Work and Labor Participation Rate
Marriage Rates and Success
Median Income and Standard of Living
National Optimism / Mindset of Abundance
Proportion of Elderly in Quality Care
Public Safety
Quality of Infrastructure
Re-acclimation of Incarcerated Individuals and Rates of Criminality
Responsiveness and Evolution of Government
Social and Economic Equity
Surveys of National Well-being