global venture forum

Data Innovation & AI Pathways

May 3-4, 2019 | San Francisco



Seven year roundtable of industry leaders, pioneering data tech companies and the next generation of data innovation talent.

  • GVF Showcases pioneering CXOs Changing the World through AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, IoT, Data Science and other data domains.

  • We seek to find ways to build relationships between scaleups and industry, define the data maturity continuum by vertical and ‘what to do next,’ develop roadmaps to merge ‘the business’ and ‘the science,’ leverage competencies of international data ecosystems; manage distributed teams, and get beyond today’s line of site for each company in the attendance.

  • GVF Speakers are world experts fostering discussions on important trends including the Principal Data Scientist Autodesk, CEO of MindTitan (Estonia), CEO of Eaglys (Japan), CXO of Synerise (Poland) and many more.

  • Our Attendees are Scaleup CXOs & Founders Changing the World, Digital VPs, Heads of Data Science, Technical Advisors, Business Strategy Execs, Corporate Development, Digital Marketing Leaders, CVC & Investors, Ecosystem Leaders, Data System Integrators, AI Development Companies, & lots of Berkeley alumni in leadership roles around data.

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My life is about startups, corporates and investors. And that is who was here.
— Director Software Strategy, IBM Ventures
…combined the scaleup world with the corporate and
investment world in a comfortable, no-strings-attached manner
— VP Corporate Development, IBM Ventures

Faces seen at past GVF events

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Chairperson, The Kosciuszko Institute & CYBERSEC HUB


Operating Partner, Andreessen Horwitz

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Co-Founder, Shazam

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Tim cook

CEO, Apple

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Of the Netherlands, Chairman, Startup Fest Europe 2016