Calistoga Retreat 2018

Calistoga Retreat 2018


Growth 2.0 Partner & Individual Member Benefits

For 7 years, Global Venture Exchange has been a community serving Digital Transformation Executives and International Startups to meet, gain insight and find paths to business and professional growth.

Be among a veteran and young professional network of global Digital Transformation, Data Science and Startup Growth professionals. 

Why Join Global Venture Exchange?

We’re built by Growth Science partners and members. Here are a few reasons why people keep coming back to Global Venture Exchange.


Growth 2.0 Partners are SaaS, Cloud and AI companies leading the way in growth science and digital transformation. Most of these partners are category leaders for Functions of the business that help a company grow revenues with less effort (e.g., HR, Sales, Marketing, Customer Care, CFO, DevOps).


Growth 2.0 Partner Benefits - Brand visibility & growth science thought leadership with leading corporates & growth startups. Without our Growth partners, GVX would not be possible.

  • Evangelize your best practices with a group of top SaaS, Cloud and AI companies from the US and Europe
    Speak, host or facilitate with other leading-edge players to discuss tactics, tools and network with top industry practitioners. GVX symbolizes our unwavering commitment to growth science of today and tomorrow.

  • Bring Growth Insight to Corporate Leaders and leading startups by going deep into a geography/ecosystem
    GVX represents the most diverse, credible, and educated community in Growth Science. Contribute thought leadership, trends and best practices with a US and European tech community growing every year but now in the early days of formation.

  • Access corporates, senior Digital Transformation and high potential startups with international relevance. Meet the top companies in a geography through invitation only gatherings with other people and companies that are top in their field, and find paths to cooperation.

  • Meet top VCs and investors active internationally. Meet SaaS, AI and data-focused investors from outside your local ecosystem who are open to sourcing and investing in companies like yours.

  • Relationship Building. Make connections and build a community of knowledgeable colleagues by attending Global Exchange thought leadership events, Masterclasses or tours in Europe or the US. Choose to organize smaller gatherings with us in your backyard.

  • Included in Benchmark Research. GVX does research through benchmark reports and surveys to help you stay informed on the rapidly changing growth and data science landscape.


Individual Member Benefits - Professional development & international community

Corporate Member Benefits - Be connected & maintain global insight through your people

  • Professional Development. Stay abreast of market trends, technologies that scale and develop your leadership capacity to help your company and navigate your career. GVX is not a series of big box events, but a concentrated network comprised of respected professionals in the industry offering thought leadership and education in all facets of Growth Science management. This helps them be a more effective employee and contributor to their teams.

  • Personal Development. Our Masterclasses and (future) certification programs provide knowledge, best practices and credentials to help our members make impactful changes at their organizations and advance their careers while also bettering society.

  • Insight through Hands-On Learning Through Masterclasses. Learn from the world’s leading cloud, data science and AI companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Uber, or find out how GDPR or blockchain technology will impact your data architecture and business models.

  • Access to Mentorship. Young professional perspective, finding a mentor (interested) and mentor (want to share knowledge, worth investing their time in it). Rules of engagement (self-directed; no recruiting), covering areas how to grow in the workplace, how to mediate relationships or problems in workplace, world level perspective, and technology topics.

  • Member-Only Slack Channel. Be found and interact on leadership, technology and other topics with other. Members can be found by, or search for, members based on job title, industry, geography, and more. (this benefit is in a trial phase, so we can test the quality)

  • GVX Growth Science Quarterly. GVX members receive a free subscription (90 euro value) and can submit original writeups to our Growth Science Quarterly blog, a specialized source for Growth Science professionals seeking information and insight on digital transformation and international growth.

Become a Member Resources

Delegates at a Glance 
Who attends our gatherings? Which industries and job functions do they represent? Request a membership infographic.

Convince Your Boss or Stakeholders Letter 
Are you a young professional seeking manager approval to attend a gathering or join GVX? Request a handy template to help you sell our membership ROI.

The GVX Advantage 
As a community built with the help of our Growth 2.0 partners, GVX always has the most relevant and useful blueprints, tools and networks to enable the next stage of growth. Read testimonials from past partners and help us bring the Growth Science Ecosystem to corporates and startups beyond your line of sight.

Since 2013, the Global Venture Exchange has been providing networking, career development, and business insight to corporate and startups in the SaaS, data science and growth community.