We help Today’s Leaders tackle business and world challenges at Scale.

The GV Exchange is a community that delivers the growth 2.0 ecosystem to Digital Transformation Executives, mid-market champions and entrepreneurs. Together we make the pathways to digital transformation and international growth more accessible.

  • For Industry Executives leading digital transformation, learn from each other and from Growth 2.0 exemplary companies. Go beyond the line of site -- meet the people behind the use cases — finding new ways forward with an ecosystem of SaaS, data-driven tools and veteran experience.

  • For emerging tech CXOs data is telling a story, and creates value. Learn from from others who have solved big challenges and thriving over the long term. Exchanging ideas with growth veterans means avoiding mistakes, stewarding resources and doing smarter moves with less.

An enthusiastic group of cloud players bring a better way to leverage resources to engage customers and run the business. Compounded growth benefits separate the top companies, deploying AI-friendly technologies for Marketing, Customer Care, HR, CFO Office and DevOps fit for purpose.


growth 2.0 Partners

Growth 2.0 leaders evangelize, foster insight and ramp adoption of best practices used by startups and corporates.

Focus is on functions like Sales, Marketing, Customer Care, CFO Office and DevOps that can unlock new efficiency, reduced costs and adaptiveness.

This cross ecosystem cluster approach supports topics that effect startups and corporates going thru digital transformation and resilience to thrive in a fast changing market.

Fostering digital transformation and the leverage the right data and SaaS tooling. The ‘Club’ for digital transformation leaders to evangelize, meet and do business across ecosystems.

More than 2 dozen Growth 2.0 and Growth Ecosystem partners in past years, such as IBM, Tech Tour and the Startup Europe Partnership, have set paths to new revenue, web services and deeper customer engagement.

Growth 2.0 partners and more than 100 UC Berkeley volunteers have enabled 175 scaleups, 600 Digital Transformation corporate leaders & VCs from the US and Europe.

2019 Topic - “SaaS Growth 2.0 Planning & Data Innovation”


Global Venture Exchange

CXOs of top scaleups, corporate digital transformation leaders and international VCs join forums, Masterclasses and VIP social gatherings, like:

  • 2013 hosted inaugural Global Venture Forum (Mountain View) with co-founder Shazam, Adyen, Blockchain and 20 growth veterans SVP Adobe, GE Healthcare, Cisco Head IoT.

  • 2016 Startup Fest Europe during Dutch EU Presidency (Amsterdam) - 100 VCs, Tim Cook in the Amsterdam Stock Exchange

  • 2017 Global Venture Lab (Warsaw) - 100 industry, VC and Central European scaleups at The Heart in Warsaw

  • 2018 Global Venture Forum - 25 Top AI Innovators from Europe & US at Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco

  • 2018 Berkeley “CXOs that will Change the World” Dinner & Calistoga Retreat

  • 2019 AI & Ethics Happy Hours in Mountain View, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Estonia

GlobalVenture.com was founded by six Berkeley alumni to connect Europe and US communities.


scaleup Service

You know the potential. Today’s Brightest shape the future by accessing Executives in strategic markets, enabling a cut thru brand and leveraging growth 2.0 technologies to outshine better funded competitors.

ScaleUp Us is the first service that uses Discovery 2.0, Growth Science and 10 years of US-Europe community building to cut thru the noise. We get the best out of both technology AND people.

Global insights drive an inflection point for the company.

  • Hippo worked with Disney to transform on/offline park visit experiences.

  • Q-go and United Airlines change CX ROI with Natural Language technology.

  • azeti worked with Cisco to bring new IoT for infrastructure solutions to market before anyone else.

This is how Growth 2.0 is done in 2019.