Helping the next generation of data-driven Leaders tackle business and world challenges.

GVX shines a spotlight on the Growth 2.0 Ecosystem to evangelize new ideas, capabilities and capital focused on the pathways to digital transformation.

For emerging tech companies the benefit of exchanging ideas with growth veterans and active Growth 2.0 leaders is clear. Comprised of an enthusiastic group of cloud players with a better way to leverage resources to engage customers globally. For scaleups who find traditional events and programs a waste of time, the events have a Codify Growth 2.0 service based on engaging industry directly.

For Industry Executives for whom SaaS and data topics tie back to the business and career, such a network is likewise unique. Growth 2.0 thought leaders and exemplary companies help Execs go beyond their line of site -- finding new ways forward.

For seven years we have partnered with Growth Ecosystem Partners cloud and SaaS companies, VCs, Accelerators and Startup Europe Partnership. Today we invite Growth 2.0 Ecosystem Partners to bring next generation toolsets, insights and blueprints. We’ll connect a network of world-level practitioners and tech pioneers before and after they become household names.


growth 2.0 Partnership

We partner with SaaS market leaders to unlock insight and growth 2.0 ecosystem progress. Sales, Marketing, Customer Care, CFO Office and DevOps can gain new insight, reduce operational costs and unlock data. This cross ecosystem cluster approach supports the discussion of topics of growth that effect startups, mid-market and big corporates navigating growth in US and European markets.

Fostering digital transformation and the leverage the right data and SaaS tooling. The ‘Club’ for digital transformation leaders to evangelize, meet and do business across ecosystems.

2019 Topic - “SaaS Growth 2.0 Planning & Data Innovation”


Global Venture community was founded in 2013 by six Berkeley alumni to connect Europe and US ecosystems. Over seven years 100 alumni volunteers and a dozen Growth 2.0 Partners enabled us to showcase 150 scaleups to 500 corporates & VCs from the US and Europe. Using forums, workshops and potlucks we foster insight, friendships and cooperation between European-US ecosystems.

We invites business & data engineering leaders active digital transformation to meet with leading entrepreneurs and talent from around the world.


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ScaleUp Us is the first scaleup platform that uses method, people and tooling to get the best out of both data products AND the people who orchestrate them.

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