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The Global Venture Exchange is a place where industry, leading tech companies and data services learn, access networks and find paths to cooperation. The Global Venture Forum is an annual event that for seven years has brought together practitioners and some of the best and brightest tech pioneers before they were household names. But the real value is the network, where there is an ongoing exchange of ideas, capabilities and capital -- the Data Innovator Network.

For startups or specialty firms with sought competencies, the benefits of a network of knowledgeable and active industry practitioners is clear. Especially when crossing between geographies like the US and Europe.

For Industry Executives the benefits of such a network is likewise huge. By serving as expert advisors in a ‘trusted environment’ Business, Digital and Data Executives go beyond their line of site -- finding new insights, new ways forward, new solutions and people ready to help them achieve their goals and be competitive.

We also believe the next generation of data tech and talent will help us solve business and society challenges, which is why we seek out specialized software houses, developers and have involved University engineering and business students from Berkeley and other Universities from talent hubs around the world.


Data innovation network



Global Venture Forum

Global Venture Forum was founded by six Berkeley alumni working in Europe and the US as Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and Corporate leaders who wanted to find international tech relevant to the US market. GVF has built a reputation for deep insight, quality networking and paths to cooperation.

GVF invites business & data engineering leaders active digital transformation to meet with leading entrepreneurs and talent from around the world. Today’s Best & Brightest will shape the future of industry and society, and help meet the 5x demand growth in data architecture spend by US industry over the next three to five years.

2019 Topic - “Data Innovation & Human Integration”


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